F.R.E.E.D. Speaking Tour

Kathleen MacDonald, eating and body image disorders survivor and Education/Prevention Coordinator for F.R.E.E.D., shares her powerful story of recovery from an 16 year-long battle with various diets, eating disorders and body image issues. Her presentation offers an intimate look into the journey of recovery without glamorizing her years of suffering. Kathleen is humbled that as a result of hearing her story many people have uncovered a newfound courage empowering them to seek help and healing. Kathleen speaks realistically delivering a message of hope for recovery and of the urgency for a call to action to address these disorders.

Her presentation also addresses: media influence on our bodies, ways to help a friend or loved one who might be suffering, where to get help, eating disorder activism, signs and symptoms of eating and body image issues, exercise abuse, and more.

Please contact Kathleen MacDonald for booking or more information

Email: kathleen@freedfoundation.org